If you own a house, it is very likely that your house is vulnerable for possible termite invasion. If you live in one of the Southern states, it is almost guaranteed that your house is vulnerable from termite attacks. And if you live in Georgia, Tennessee, and Alabama, you have almost 90% chance that your house is in constant danger from termite damage.

Termites are just deadly. Just in the United States alone, it is said that more than $5 billion dollars of damage is caused by termites each year. If you are a home owner, it is a smart idea to understand how to inspect for termites and learn some of the signs of termites to prevent your house from being attacked by termites.

The Most Common Signs of Termites

Termite Mud Tubes

1) Because termites live in mud tubes on the walls of your house or outdoor structures, it is easy to spot mud tubes. Inspect where the wood material meets the soil. The size of the mud tube can vary. Once you see one, break them to see if you see any termite activity is going on inside the tube.

2) Another sign of termites is the tunneling in wood. This is little harder to spot, but if you are lucky enough to find small tunnels inside the wooden structure or the wall, it is very likely that the damage is beyond what you can see. If this is the case, it is time to hire a professional termite inspector. And expect to pay a fortune repairing the damage if you find them late.

3) One of the easiest sign of termites to recognize is the droppings. These little bugs leave behind droppings and other weird stuff such as their wings. Sometimes you will find paint chips and dusty material near the termite damage.

There are more ways to inspect for termite infestations. But these are the ones that any homeowner can do without any professional equipments. Take an hour or so every month to check for these signs of termites. It will save your house and your money if you do it right.