Termite Inspection and Elimination

Termites are ant like insects and live in colonies. Each colony may be made up of thousands of termites. A termite colony has a queen, soldiers and workers. It is not very easy to differentiate between termites and ants. A proper inspection has to be done to make assessment of the damage caused by the termites. A licensed and reputable company is called for termite inspection.

Nowadays new technologies are being used for termite inspection. One such method is the use of infrared technology. It uses heat detection mechanism for termite inspection. Large colonies that are clumped together can be easily spotted with the help of this technology. A small camera is inserted at one end of a rod and then the camera is moved around to find the termites. Pest control companies can pin-point the exact location of the colony and then get rid of the termites. Termites never stay alone and always work on the timber in groups.

Another way to detect termites is thermal imaging. Termites change the usual heat pattern of the floors, walls and roof whenever they infest a building. Heat patterns are detected by the thermal imaging technology. A thermal camera is capable of recording variation in the heat patterns. Thermal image generation shows cold spots in purple or blue and hot spots are indicated by yellow or red spots. Termite inspection can be effectively done with the help of thermal imaging and infrared technology. After termite inspection the pest control company can determine the infested areas which will help them to deal with the termites in an effective way.

It is very difficult to get rid of termites. You need to have certain plan of action to deal with such insects. Termite colonies grow at a rapid rate, so the earlier you start with your elimination program, the better are your chances of eliminating them. You can either go for a pest control company or use your own chemicals and pesticides to get rid of them. You need to have a clear idea about the basic habits of termites, if you have to find the permanent solution for your problem.

Wood is the primary food for termites. Wooden furniture, wood paneling, floor boards, doors and windows are likely to be attacked by termites, if proper care is not taken. A solution of water and boric acid can be used to curb their growth. Termite baits are a popular choice when it comes to termite treatment. In this method, chemically treated wooden stakes are driven into the soil. Termites feed on the wood stakes and die. Baiting system is relatively simpler and can be used to check the growth of termite colonies. Another way of termite elimination is the barrier method. Chemicals are injected into the ground at regular intervals near your house, so that the termites are killed whenever they try to cross the barrier.

Termite inspection should be followed by termite elimination to make sure that there are no chances of another termite attack. As soon as any sign of termite infestation is seen, you should start implementing any of the above methods to eliminate the termites and keep your house safe from any further attacks.