So how much is termite treatment? It depends...

There are just too many variables to consider when it comes to termite treatment. Pricing the work really depends on the size of the job, methods, conditions, and etc. Personally, I'd hire a professional as soon as I see any signs of termites. What you see on the surface is probably nothing compared to what could be going on inside your house structure. I wouldn't hesitate to contact a professional help. Don't get me wrong, I'm a DIY guy. I like to take care of things myself. But seriously, termite inspections need to be done by a professional.

I don't think I've seen any pest control companies charging a fee for a termite inspection. If they require to do more in-depth inspection using advanced tools, such as infrared gun, they might charge you. But they will tell you about it in advance.

Common Termite Treatment Options

Advance - Essentially a bait, this system lures the termites by offering two food sources which instantly interest the termites. The termites begin to consume it as food and over a particular period of time, which extends for about four months, entire colonies of termites are eliminated.

Termidor - One of the most commonly used remedies to treat termites; this product has gained immense popularity in the short period of its existence. The reason for this fame is not just the expediency in results and simplicity in application but is also the costs associated with it. Containing a chemical which is spread evenly throughout the house it is spread contagiously from one termite which comes in contact with it, to others.

Termite Treatment Costs

For most of the cases, home owners select chemical treatment using Termidor. It is less expensive compared to bait system and the cost of termite treatment can range from $500 - $3,000 in average. If you are going with Termidor, the length of effected house perimeter will be used to determine the price. For example, when I had Termidor around my house, I paid only $400 because two sides of my house were connected to neighbor's house wall. If it was a single house, I could've paid around $800.

Here is my suggestion. Get free quotes from at least three different pest control companies and compare the options and prices. It wouldn't hurt. After each inspection, most of the reps will pressure you to go forward with their service. I mean some serious pressure. I personally never go with a service that pressures me even if their price is cheaper. It's just shows you what kind of company they are. I'd avoid these companies.

If the price is really high for your situation, ask for financing options. Sometimes, you might get better deal getting financed by them rather than using your credit card. But always consider that opening another line of credit might hurt your credit if you get a financing.

So good luck with your termite treatment and please report your price to me so I know what the current prices are. Thanks.