This is a visitor submitted question few weeks ago. He is planning on buying a house, but the inspector found termite damage on the roof and he is wondering if it's worth going for the house if the seller is promising to fix the problem by hiring an exterminator.

If I were him, I'd pass. Termite usually eat their way up. I bet there are termite damages in other areas where your eyes can't detect if the damage was found on the roof. It is great that the seller is willing to be responsible for treating termites, but is he willing to repair the damages already done by termites? You might want to ask that question. Treating termites from future damages is not as pricey as repairing the damage already done on the house.

My advice is that take a look at other houses for sale without any termite troubles. With the real estate market as they are, it wouldn't be too hard to find a great deal. I'd would avoid the house you are looking at right now if I were you.