Mobile Alabama is infamous for termite infestation through out the county.  Terminix named Mobile as the most termite-infested city in the country.

If you are buying a new house in Alabama, make it a priority to purchase a termite bond and have the initial termite treatment done correctly.  A lot of problems occur when the initial termite treatment is done poorly.  If you are unsure, get a second opinion.  It will worth your investment.

Through termite inspection should take around an hour, no less than 30 minutes.  Make sure you are at home when the inspection is done.  Hire a termite inspector who has years of experience and good reviews even though they may cost you little more.  Unfortunately, even with all the newest gadgets and tools, those can't beat a through inspection by an expert.

There are many news stories where homeowners with termite bond with annual inspections had their houses damaged by termites.  It is also your responsibility to report any signs of termite damage to the company who's taking care of your house for treatment.  If you are unsure what to look for, ask your termite company.  They will surely help you understand the signs of termite damage.

Joe Debrow of the Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries recommends the following tips for homeowners.

Tips for Homeowners - Protecting Your Home from Termite Damage

  • Obtain and maintain a termite bond
  • Find out if your termite bond covers re-treatment or repair
  • If the bond does cover repair, find out if there are limits.
  • Find out if your termite control contract excludes Formosan termites