Termidor treatment

Termidor Labels & Updates

Termidor lables and MSDS’ can be downloaded at the following link : Termidor Termticide And if you are looking for a Termidor brochure, click here. And here are some of the latest changes in the Termidor label. Apply 0.06% Termidor SC or WG finished dilution where listed pests enter the structure, where they trail or […]

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termite damage on furniture

Do Termites Eat Furniture?

The simple answer is “YES”, with conditions. If your furniture is located inside of your house, it is extremely rare that termites survive in a furniture inside of your house. Termites must have soil to wood contact in order to survive. If you house is one of those historic houses with wooden floor touching the […]

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termite damage on ceiling

Termite Treatment Costs – How Prices Work

So how much is termite treatment? It depends… There are just too many variables to consider when it comes to termite treatment. Pricing the work really depends on the size of the job, methods, conditions, and etc. Personally, I’d hire a professional as soon as I see any signs of termites. What you see on […]

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termite tube on ceiling

Termite Treatment Arizona

Get termite treatments in Arizona. I found these pest control companies that offers termite treatment in Arizona. If you have used them in the past, please leave your review. Thanks. Poor Boy Termite Control Phone) 480-994-4240 or 1-888-994-4240 Online Contact Poor Boy Termite Control has a very informative website on their termite treatment service. Take […]

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Termite Infestations in the US

One of the readers of my blog asked me where in the US are the most heavily termite infested state. Without any research done on this subject, I can tell you that the Southern states are experiencing the worst termite infestations, probably because of moisture and moderate temperatures in these states. Georgia, Tennessee, and Alabama […]

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How Termite Inspection is Done

Termite Inspection and Elimination Termites are ant like insects and live in colonies. Each colony may be made up of thousands of termites. A termite colony has a queen, soldiers and workers. It is not very easy to differentiate between termites and ants. A proper inspection has to be done to make assessment of the […]

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Termite Treatment – Effective Ways to Preserve Wood

You would not want the lumber of your new house to end up in the bellies of a gang of termites. Well! Then you need to coat them with some of the readily available chemicals that contain boron. Boron application safeguards your home’s wooden articles, not only from wood boring beetles like termites but also […]

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The Effectiveness of Boric Acid on Termites

In my last post, how to keep your home protected from termites, it is mentioned that boric acid is a good way to get rid of termites. I want to explain a little about boric acid as termite treatment in this post. Boric acid (aka borax) was originally used around 1980s for control of ants […]

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Keep Your Home Safe from Termites

Your first step towards protecting your house would be to identify and alter surroundings around your home in order to minimize the chances of termites’ survival. Moisture, food (wood) and shelter are three basic necessities of these insects. Next, you have to act and make the insect incapable of locating food (wood), moisture and shelter. […]

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Does Termidor Work?

Oh Yes, Termidor works. It is one of the most effective termite treatment products right now. Termidor works well not only because of its defense system, but also it is made with a new chemical technology. Termidor is basically undetectable. According to Termidor’s website, over 3.75 million homes have been protected with Termidor which makes […]

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